ATES Mission Statement

The mission of Atoka Elementary School is to create a challenging learning environment that prepares students for college and career readiness through academic, behavioral, and social achievements.




 Morning Work 7:45-8:15

Reading 8:15-9:30


Related Arts 9:35-10:20

Restroom break 10:20- 10:25

Snack 10:25

Grammar 10:30-11:00

Math 11:00-12:15

RESTROOM BREAK 12:15-12:20

Lunch 12:20-12:45

RESTROOM BREAK 12:45-12:50

Recess 12:50-1:10

Science/Social Studies 1:15-1:50

Walk to Learn 1:50-2:20

Dismissal 2:30-3:15

Related Arts Schedule
  • Day 1  Music

  • Day 2  Health

  • Day 3  Library

  • Day 4  ART

  • Day 5  PE

  • Day 6  Computer

  • Day 7  PE

TCS Vision for Literacy


Tipton County students will become critical readers, writers and thinkers who are self-directed in their learning.


Tipton County teachers will facilitate student-directed learning and develop strong readers by effectively implementing a high quality literacy curriculum that aligns to the science of reading:


  1. Explicit instruction of phonics and foundational

skills in K-2

 2. High quality texts that systematically build background knowledge

3. A deep focus on textual evidence and the comprehension of texts’ key ideas and details

Important Reminders:

        March r

  • -22nd: Little Lambs fundraiser form and money due

  • -24th: School Spirit Day! Wear your favorite ATES shirt.

  • -25th: Report Cards go home

  • -29th-April 4th: SPRING BREAK!

  • -April 21st: TNREADY BEGINS!!



Ways to help your child at home:

-Please check and go over homework & daily assignments sent home each night.

-Review and check over graded papers that come home each week. Have your child fix his/her mistakes on papers.

-STUDY,STUDY,STUDY Multiplication facts! Your child will be so much better in math if he/she knows them fluently.

-Study and review study guides (math, grammar, science).

-Practice spelling words nightly.


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